The main form of activity by The Poznań Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences is organizing educational meetings in Commissions and Faculties. During these meetings our members (without getting any payment) and guests from all over the world give presentations that are the basis for the following open discussion. Majority of the texts or their summaries are later published in magazines and publication series by our Society. There is annually around 50 – 70 of those meetings. The Corporation has conference room at its disposal with a capacity of up to 180 people. On the initiative of the Commissions or Faculties there are organized annually around 10 – 15 smaller or larger sessions, conferences and seminars, usually in cooperation with other scientific institutions. A lot of them take place regularly every year (including international events, such as  ‘The Medieval Seminar’ and ‘Dialects today’). In numbers, our biggest event so far was the convention ‘The Culture of the transition period’ organized in 1994, during which the participants from around fifteen different countries gave 100 presentations.