‘The Poznań way for independence’ is a series of events, the aim of which is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising in many aspects. The project is spread over the period 2017-2019 and is realized in cooperation with the academic community of Poznań. ‘The Poznań way…’ aims to present the history of Greater Poland under Prussian rule to the citizens of Poznań in a new, interdisciplinary way.

One of the activities planned for the project is a series of open-access lectures delivered by experienced academic professors, the aims of which aims is to present different aspects of the fight for independence. Not only historians were asked to collaborate on this project, but also representatives of many academic fields, such as the economy, medicine, sociology and cultural studies. Despite the serious topic of the meetings, the lectures will be conducted in an easily digestible way, so the content will reach the broadest possible audience. After the series is finished, the lectures will be published in writing, as an academic publication.

Another element of ‘The Poznań way for independence’ project is a series of popular science, educational walks through the historically important streets of Poznań. The guides will be professors from Poznań universities, specialised in history. Cumulatively 8 such walks are planned, during the holiday months of 2017 and 2018. The topic of each walk will include different person connected with the regaining of the independence from under Prussian rule. Additionally, the participants will have the opportunity to visit places normally inaccessible to the public.

‘The Poznań way for independence’ is also an opportunity for the students to start their academic career. Under the project, a series of student-doctorate sessions is planned, titled ‘ The Young about the uprising’. The sessions will take place once a month and gather students and postgraduates from Poznań. The aim of the sessions is to promote research about the history of Poznań and the Greater Poland. After the series is finished, there is also a plan to publish it in writing.

The project also envisages two national conferences attended by experienced academic professors from all over the country. One of the conferences will focus on the circumstances of the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising, while the other one will be devoted to the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and the incorporation of the land of Greater Poland into the independent country.

The project realizes the main goal of the PTPN activity, which is to popularise science and cherish education. Through the specific form, it intends to reach not only researchers and academics but also each and every citizen of Poznań. The project aims to raise historical awareness about the Greater Poland Uprising and regaining of the Polish independence.